Empowerment of Civil Society

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Special attention is given to the participation of young people in our activities. Therefore, the FES cooperates with different faculties in Egyptian universities to promote civic education programs for students.

Aiming to empower women and strengthen their role in Egyptian society, the FES provides activities in different relevant fields and is working in cooperation with e.g. research centers, university faculties, and NGOs to increase women’s participation in public life. Furthermore, the FES seeks to strengthen the legal status of women and to reduce gender discrimination.

Our Projects in Egypt

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Voice of the Marginalized

The purpose of this project is to promote a common understanding of inclusive citizenship amongst particular marginalized groups in Egypt.

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Marginalized, disenfranchised groups in Egyptian society accumulate to the state majority. The main intent is to give voice to those who are excluded from the public discourse. Many groups of citizens in Egypt face difficulty being recognized as fully-fledged citizens when they attempt to claim their legitimate rights as citizens within the state. It should be noted that collective recognition does not necessarily emerge from a collective struggle, but rather from a political environment that does not eliminate differences. When promoting inclusive citizenship, there is a need to avoid the pitfalls of overly demarcating boundaries and long-standing binaries, as this is essentially counterproductive.

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Collectivity Rather than Competition - Strengthening NGOs Structures, Capacities and Alliances

Groups of selected NGOs will be trained on how to enhance their structures, capacities and how to build sustainable alliances based on common interests. 

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The NGOs will be selected on the basis of their need for the project's training programs and their ability to benefit from the programs and to act as multipliers in the future.

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Young Leaders Network Egypt

According to the United Nations’ Human Development Report, youth comprise a considerable size of Egyptian population.

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Around 25% of Egyptian population is between the ages of 18 and 29. Beyond their significant number in terms of demographic composition, youth in Egypt suffered from many social ills, primarily poverty and unemployment. Youth in Egypt face the reality of poor education, low health awareness and limited access to training, educational, vocational, volunteering, and job opportunities. For long, the youth of Egypt have been marginalized and accused of being depoliticized and reckless, yet the 25th of January revolution served to alter that perception. When Egyptian youth have taken to the streets on January 25th, it was hard to confine them to that already established perception.

FES developed a Young Leaders’ National Network program. With the conviction that the role of youth needs to be fostered and developed, this program aims to enable young people to become competent and reliable leaders to allow them to play a significant role in the democratic transformation that is already taking place.

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Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism does not only deal with our society functions behind the facade, but also make propositions the way it society ought to be governed.

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This project will also aim at capacitating a selected number of young journalists with knowledge and tools to become thriving investigative journalists. Those young investigative journalists will be selected based on their display of strong interest, clear political standpoint, tolerance, and commitment. They will first be covering a wide range of issues focusing primarily on human rights and social justice. Afterwards, they will delve into the more technical tools and aspects of investigative journalism. Within the course of the program, they will implement an investigative journalism piece that is to be guided and assessed by specialists.

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