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The FES cooperates with governmental and non-governmental organizations that contribute to socio-political discourse in order to achieve social justice, reduce the gap between the different social classes, and realize social democratic principles to balance and stabilize society. It also aims to encourage a constructive tripartite social dialogue in Egypt.

Our Projects in Egypt

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Enhancing Social Dialogue

The last years, different government officials, media figures and ordinary citizens have soaring referred to “stability” as a pressing need for the Egyptian society.

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Societal stability is based on a consensus among all relevant stakeholders, namely the government, democratic trade unions and the business sector. This project aims at bringing into reality a genuine tripartite dialogue between independent and democratic trade unions, business communities free of governmental influences, and government representation trying to mediate, not to dictate – in short: a true and genuine social dialogue based on mutual interests of social partners and within societal concern.

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CBOs in Social Protection

Social protection is globally recognized as a basic human right, stipulated in the United Nation Declaration on Human Rights since 1948.

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It mainly focuses on empowering the marginalized and vulnerable groups through the provision of different instruments and services that help to improve their situation. The project will organize training programs for the CBOs on different concepts and techniques that will allow them to propose plans for social protection projects in their local regions. The CBOs will coordinate with the government officials, local councils and business communities in an attempt to provide adequate services to citizens of these regions. Furthermore, training programs will be organized for media figures, and for government and business figures. The aim of the programs is to introduce the notion of social protection and enhance the knowledge of the media, government and business figures regarding its importance and positive societal impact.

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Cooperative - Pushing for an Alternative

The purpose of this project is to open space and create momentum around alternative economic policies.

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While the aftermath of the revolution has failed to push in the direction of more social justice and the state seems to work along the same lines of earlier failed policies, there is a pressing need to adopt alternative economic policies that will break away from state hegemony. Many studies have indicated that cooperatives are a step in the direction of more social justice. Not only do cooperative push in the direction of more democratic participation, they also promote inclusive development in areas in which the state does not have a strong presence and delivery.

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Shaping the Future

Egypt’s new constitution was adopted following a public referendum that was held in early 2014.

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The constitution established the general framework for reforms and introductions of policies and laws that aim at achieving social justice.

In that context, some Egyptian laws could require certain reforms in order to be aligned with the provisions of the new constitution and to respond to the Egyptians’ desire for social justice. The purpose of this project is to provide a platform for the aforementioned stakeholders (the government, civil society and the relevant private sector organizations) to discuss, collaborate and come up with mutual visions and proposals for the different social and economic laws and regulations that require reforms to be aligned with the provisions of the new constitution. These laws and regulations include social insurance, health care system, labor law, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) law, local administration, in addition to other relevant issues such as vocational training, child labor.

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Trade-Union Dialogue

Despite the fact that independent trade-unions have become a reality, they are so far excluded from any societal debate with stakeholders on social, economic, and political issues, whereby genuine interests of workers are in many cases absent from the debate and hence results in ignoring the workers interests.

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This project aims to provide the independent trade-unions, representing workers, with a platform for genuine dialogue with the government and the employer representatives, where the concerns and aspirations of workers will be addressed and taken into account when drafting new laws and regulations. Doing so, the position of independent trade-unions as indispensable partner in any societal debate will be upgraded.

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Successful Employment Policies

With an unemployment rate of about 13%, Egypt's endeavors to achieve social and economic development are strongly challenged and social and political stability are threatened. Thus, creating jobs and / or improving the labor market environment is one of the major tasks of the government.

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This ambitious project is aiming at strengthening the performance of the Department of Employment within the Ministry of Labor as well as its affiliate offices in the governorates. The goal is to enable these structures to promote efficient employment services and act a matchmaker between employers and job-seekers, thus contributing to the creation of jobs and, subsequently, socio-economic development and increasing stability within the society.

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Strengthen the Structures of the Independent Trade-Unions

Despite the successive Egyptian government’s ratification of various International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions, most of them are still openly and boldly violated.

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One of the major reasons behind these violations might be the workers' acute lack of knowledge of their rights. In that context, FES intends to carry out this project in order to enhance the knowledge and awareness of workers, to develop their capabilities and to provide them with the instruments they can use to claim and defend their rights.

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